Newborn Workshops

Erin Tole offers newborn photography workshops around the country for amateur and professional photographers. If you’re just starting out in your photography career or feel like you’re caught in a slump, a newborn workshop is the perfect way to learn new techniques and gain great knowledge that will help kick start your creative juices and help you find your own personal style as a newborn photographer.

Attendees of Erin’s workshops love her laid-back style and the creative confidence that she inspires. Erin limits each workshop to just five attendees, so everyone enjoys an intimate learning experience that is guaranteed to leave you more capable, more confident, and more creative as a newborn photographer.

Set Up to Editing – The Whole Process

At Erin’s newborn workshop, you’ll be able to learn from the experiences and expertise of a successful and established newborn photographer. Erin will share tips and tricks as well as in-depth instruction on how to best manage and run a newborn photo shoot. She’ll take you through everything from choosing ideal locations, clothes, blankets, and accessories to setting up shoots and posing newborns.

Erin works with photographers where they’re at in their career, providing instruction on basic safety precautions as well as advanced posing techniques. Once the shoot is done, you’ll also get to learn insider tricks and methods for editing newborn pictures in Adobe Photoshop. Erin will take you through her highly regarded newborn Photoshop actions as well as other advanced methods for finding the best photo possible during the editing process.

Be Sure to Pack Your Camera!

Beyond simple instruction, Erin lets her newborn workshop attendees get their hands dirty by working with her during an actual newborn shoot. You’ll get to watch Erin work and as she explains her method and techniques for posing and finding the right angles and lighting. You’ll also get to break out your own camera and put the skills that you’re learning to work. As you photograph your newborn subject, Erin will provide you and your fellow workshop attendees with feedback on the pictures you’re taking and advice on how to improve your technique and form.

The Business Side of Things

Erin’s workshops also includes mentorship on managing your business as a newborn photographer. She will provide you with advice on working with clients, scheduling, pricing, and other factors that come into play in establishing a successful newborn photography business.

Whatever challenges you’re facing in your career as a photographer, newborn workshops are a great way to expand your knowledge and break through to a new level of creativity and confidence. By taking just one day out of your schedule to attend a newborn workshop with Erin, you’ll gain knowledge and skills that you would never get by spending thousands of dollars and countless hours in online classes. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for new ways to expand your creativity, Erin Tole’s newborn photography workshops can help you take your career to the next level.

Contact Erin today to learn more about her upcoming newborn workshops.