Newborn Posing Workshop

One of the hardest things to learn as a newborn photographer is how to effectively pose newborns and that is why many choose to partake in newborn posing workshops. Posing newborns presents a number of challenges that can take a lot of time and practice to overcome. While posing a newborn, you’ll need to consider safety issues, what positions you can comfortably put the baby into without upsetting it, how to soothe the baby, and how to communicate with the parents about what you’re doing.

Newborn posing, when it is done right, should look peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful. It takes a skilled hand to successfully pose newborns without upsetting them and to get the shot before the newborn decides to move. The simple fact that newborns are so delicate also creates issues. You need to be very sensitive about the position and safety of the baby’s head and neck in particular while also taking advantage of the fact that newborns are incredibly flexible.

Perhaps the hardest part of all is making sure that the parents feel comfortable with you handling their newborn in ways that might look quite odd to a new parent. Effective communication is one of the most important tools that a newborn photographer has, and learning that skill set isn’t something that always comes naturally.

Newborn Posing Workshops Teach You New Skills and the Latest Trends

If you’d like to learn more about newborn posing and all of the challenges that go along with it, you might want to consider a newborn posing workshop. In a newborn workshop led by an experienced photographer, you can learn about all of the latest trends in newborn posing as well as basic and advanced steps for getting your newborn subjects into beautiful poses. You’ll also learn effective steps for communicating with parents as well as safety precautions.

Unlike an online class or tutorial, by attending a newborn posing workshop you’ll actually get the chance to pose newborns yourself. After watching your instructor interact with a newborn, you’ll have the opportunity to pose the baby with their guidance, putting the skills that you’re learning into actual use. This will also give you the chance to get feedback and encouragement from your instructor in the room. This set up, as you can imagine, is much preferable to trying newborn poses for the first time on actual clients and not knowing what to do when things go wrong.

At newborn posing workshops you can also learn about the business of newborn photography, how to efficiently and beautifully set up a photo shoot, and skills for editing your photos in Adobe Photoshop. Newborn photography workshops are great for hobbyists, photographers who are new to the field, as well as experienced newborn photographers. There’s always something new to learn, and the software, equipment, and trends of newborn photography are constantly changing. By working with an experienced photographer and networking with your fellow workshop attendees, you’ll come away from your workshop a better artist and a better business person.

Erin Tole offers newborn posing workshops around the country. Erin’s intimate workshops are limited to just five attendees, giving you a safe, collaborative space in which you can improve your confidence, solidify you style, and spark your creativity. To sign up for a newborn workshop with Erin, contact her today.