Baby Photography Workshops

Newborn photographers are consistently amazed at how different it is to work with slightly older babies. If you’re used to working with newborns who are 10 days old or less, you’re probably used to working with babies that are pretty much always asleep. Look through the portfolios of some of your favorite newborn photographers and you’ll see it over and over again — sleeping infants. Newborns are so tired most of the time that posing them and getting them to stay in one place, while sometimes quite challenging, can actually be a pretty simple procedure if you have the right techniques and know how to soothe infants when necessary.

Working with a baby who is just a few weeks older is an entirely different story. All of a sudden, you have a little person with a little personality trying to run your photo shoot for you. Slightly older children, even babies that are only a month or two old, pose significantly different issues for photographers than newborns.

Learn New Skills to Expand Beyond Newborn Photography

If you would like to expand your repertoire beyond newborn photography to also include slightly older babies, consider taking a baby photography workshop. At a workshop, you can learn tips and tricks for working with babies that have gone past the newborn phase. You can learn about how to soothe babies of various ages, poses that you can use safely and beautifully with older babies, and settings and props that might improve your baby photography. Baby photography workshops can also teach you about the business of baby photography and provide you with training in Photoshop.

As a newborn photographer, it only make sense to also be able to take beautiful pictures of slightly older babies, as your client simply might not be able to make it in within the first 10 days of their baby’s life or they might want new sets of pictures when their baby is six months old or a year. The more you know about maternity photography, newborn photography, and baby photography, the more you’ll be able to expand your business and better serve your clients.

Consider These Factors When Choosing Baby Photography Workshops

When considering baby photography workshops, look for workshops led by experienced photographers who have portfolios that you like. By attending a workshop, you’ll be able to learn from the experiences of your instructor as well as your fellow attendees. You’ll also get the chance to photograph a baby, learning about the entire process from booking the client to setting up the shoot to taking the best pictures possible. Workshops are an excellent way to learn about new styles and trends as well as to solidify your own style. By attending baby photography workshops with experienced photographers, you can also expand your network of professional photographers, giving you the support you’ll need when questions and concerns come up throughout your career.

The best photographers are always working with others and taking steps to increase their knowledge of their craft. With a baby photography workshop, you can make yourself a better photographer by the end of just one day while also gaining resources and knowledge that will help you continue to improve your business and your art for years to come.