action FAQ

NOTE: Actions and the ACR presets are NOT the same thing.  Actions are .atn files which are loaded directly into Photoshop via the action menu.  Presets are used with Adobe Camera RAW, which is a part of Photoshop. You can access this program from Adobe Bridge, or by right clicking a file and selecting “open in Camera RAW”.  This is where you load the presets; both “sugarcoated” and “big sky”.    Presets are .XMP files.   The reason the version of Photoshop you have is relevant to whether you can use the presets in is not because they are used there, but because the versions of Adobe Camera RAW (ACR) supported by earlier versions of Photoshop (CS5 and below) are not compatible with these presets. If you have CS6 or CC and bought the ACR presets, the file type of the zipped files is .XMP. These are the correct files.  🙂


How long until I get my actions/presets?


So long as there are funds in your PayPal account and you pay via debit and *not* e-check, you will receive your download link immediately.

If you pay by check, or are short funds, the transaction will go through either when it clears the bank or money is placed in the account.

If you pay by check, don’t get the download immediately and then want a refund, there is nothing I can do at this point because your funds will be “between places” where neither of us can get them.


What software will these actions/presets work on?

For the {let them be little} actions: Photoshop *ONLY*.   Not GIMP, or PIKNIC or ELEMENTS.  If you purchase and do not have the correct software, I am not responsible for refunds.

For the {big sky} and {sugarcoated} presets for Lightroom and Adobe Camera RAW – Lightroom 3, 4, and 5   and ACR versions 7 +8    These versions of ACR are what you have if you’ve got Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop Creative Cloud. Adobe is no longer making software for purchase.  It will only be available “on the cloud” for a monthly fee from now on, so at this time I am have not made conversions for the previous versions of Photoshop.  Upgrading to the cloud is easy and takes care of updates for you, you can try out new software for free, etc.  I really recommend it.

You can get on the cloud bandwagon here:



What am I buying, exactly?

You are purchasing a digital download that is installed within Adobe  software and used to create different looks.


How do I get them to work?



Place your file in an easy to find location.  First, open your actions palette (hit F9 or in the menu click on “window” and then check “actions”). Once your actions are open, click on the little menu triangle/lines button in the upper right.  Then click “load actions” and navigate to the location you have your actions saved to. Click them and “open”.  You will see them pop up along the bottom of your actions list. To play, select one and hit the triangular play button.



for ACR:

Mac(user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
Windows (user)/Application Data/Adobe/Camera Raw/Settings

ACR doesn’t support folders, so you have to copy just the .xmp folders into the settings folder, not drag the whole folder they were zipped in.

I keep my “settings” folder saved as a shortcut on my sidebar so I can easily access it.

Some Mac computers have the library folder or settings folder hidden by default.  There are multiple ways to unhide it, depending on your operating system.

for Lightroom:  go to the “develop” module and right click “user presets” folder  then “import” to the location where you have the presets saved to. I recommend putting them on your desktop or another easily accessible location.

You can also install them manually, drag and drop style, to the presets folder.


I didn’t get my email!

Please make sure you have specified the correct email when checking out through PayPal. Then, check your spam filter. If you still can’t find it, email me at hello@erintolephotography for support. I will then verify your purchase and send only if I can see your downloads have not been activated, you will have 3 attempts.

If I can see successful downloads on my end, you will not be refunded.

Please, back up your download onto an external source after purchase. I’m not responsible for enabling new downloads should your computer crash 2 years from now, etc.


These presets/actions don’t look the same on my photos, help!

Many photo adjustments sold out there on the big wide web have a TON of brightening and other stuff going on when you click em’.  I designed both my actions and presets for the professional photographer… this means your exposure and white balance needs to be adjusted before you run the preset/action.  Adjust your kelvin and tint  and exposure, *then* run them 🙂

Although I feel both the presets and actions are a great starting point, there is a huge array of shooting and editing styles.  To get the look you love, I recommend sticking to adjusting just the “basic” menu in ACR or LR.  You should be able to adjust them beautifully using the white/black sliders, highlight recovery, lessening or intensifying shadows via the “blacks” slider is my favorite easy way to punch them up on some images. There should be no need to delve into the guts of the preset.