Photoshop Actions for Newborns

Photoshop actions are sets of tools that allow novice and advanced photographers alike to quickly and easily edit photos in Adobe Photoshop. A wide variety of actions are available for free and for purchase on the Internet, but there is a vast spectrum of quality amongst the Photoshop actions that you’ll find online. If you’re interested in taking your photographs to the next level, Photoshop actions are a great way to do so, but make sure you know what you’re getting before you click that ‘buy’ button.

What You Can Do with Photoshop Actions for Newborns

Many photographers sell Photoshop actions for babies. These sets of tools usually give photographers the ability to create lighting, moods, and effects that are appropriate to pictures of newborns and young children. With Photoshop actions for newborns, you can usually adjust the tint of your photographs, play with the lighting, add hazes or blurs, give the baby a soft glow, and correct all sorts of imperfections like blue lips, jaundiced skin, and baby acne.

Of course, you can do all of these things in Photoshop without using actions, so what are the benefits of purchasing professional Photoshop actions for newborns?

Put simply, Photoshop actions make everything easier. If you purchase a set of high-quality actions from a good photographer, they should allow you to move through a set of predetermined steps that will improve the quality of your photos and give you the look that you’re trying to achieve every time. Actions work by providing you with a set routine of editing steps that Photoshop will go through in order. Different actions will help you achieve different effects, and with a well put together action, you should have the ability to make adjustments in each step along the way so that the action is customized to each individual photo.

Using actions allows you to save a substantial amount of time by making Photoshop do most of the work for you. Actions are also particularly great if you are not a master of the software and don’t know what steps might be best to let you create the look you’re going for. Another great benefit of using Photoshop actions for newborns is that simply by using actions, you’ll learn more about Photoshop and will be better equipped to edit all sorts of photos on your own.

How to Choose Photoshop Actions

Photoshop actions are a wonderful tool that many photographers use, but not all actions are of equal value. Often amateur photographers will create and sell actions that don’t provide the artful eye of a professional. These actions frequently do not provide the desired effects and are less customizable, which can lead to photographs that are poorly edited. In other cases, photographers may create actions that are far too complicated and end up taking more time to use than they are worth.

Use Actions Created by Professional Newborn Photographer

Professional photographer Erin Tole has created a beautiful set of Photoshop actions that are specifically designed to make photos of newborns as beautiful and captivating as possible. With her easy to use actions, you can create professional looking photos that are elegantly retouched and masterfully colored. Glance through all of the picturesque styles that you can achieve with Erin’s newborn Photoshop actions here. These actions can be used with Photoshop CS2 or any newer Photoshop version. Beyond creating beautiful photos of baby, Erin’s actions are also great for photographs of nature, candid shots, and much more.