About Erin

I fell in love with photography many years ago, and like most great loves, we’ve run hot and cold over the years — sometimes passionate with each other, other times too busy to focus much on the love.  I like to think that through it all, I’ve never stopped growing as an artist. My camera is in many ways my rock. I feel complete with it in my hands. Today, I’m proud to be a top-tier Portland baby photographer, and I also enjoy hosting private infant photography workshops.

It’s hard for me to say what sort of photography I like best.  At the risk of sounding silly, I love it all.  I find joy in lifestyle candids, complicated theme shoots, the buzz of weddings…   But if there is one type of session I always wake up excited for, it’s newborn photography.  Portland is an amazing place to be a photographer, regardless of the subject matter. But working with energetic young families in this creative, beautiful place is a joy that can’t be measured. I have precious few decent photos of my own daughter when she was teeny and curled.  That newborn phase slips away so quickly, it’s often gone before you know it — over in a matter of days. My goal with newborns is to capture the tiny face of your newest family member in a way that it will never be again: brand new.

I live in Vancouver, Washington with my beautiful little family and I work only in my own photography studio for newborn sessions.  However, I enjoy going on-location for other types of sessions during the warm months.

If you’re looking for a creative Portland baby photographer to capture your little ones first days, contact me today to learn more about my experience, newborn workshops, and services.