Newborn Photoshop Elements Actions

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Capturing the photo of your loved newborn is too important as it can be the most cherished thing in your future. When you along with your parents and children sit down and will go through your old photographs when you were a newborn, you all will laugh at them for hours. Thus the photos of the newborn is not a very casual and regular thing, it certainly is timeless and special. If you will some basic tips while taking the photo, it can make it timeless masterpiece.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind in baby photography is to make some prior preparations. So the backgrounds should be selected even before the photo is taken. The background must be such that the focus remains on the baby and not on the background. A simple background is more convenient as it does not attract the viewer. Solid curtains and plain colored walls are the most preferred background of the most professional photographers.

Also fabrics create great backgrounds and you can make a call from thousands of fabric options. They are available in different colors and textures.

The prime reason why people are mad after baby photography is the reason to capture the behavior of their loved ones as soon as they are born. The way the newborns behave is so much interesting and engrossing that parent can’t take their eyes of baby photograph.

To capture the fetal position is difficult and the face of the baby is not developed enough to capture his facial features. Also during the early days, babies tend to sleep a lot and this is time when you can capture the best photos of your newborn.

There are so many new pieces of equipment to capture the photos but the basics still remain the same. Parents love clicking photos of their newborn and turn photographers in their endeavor to capture each and every moment of their baby. As soon as you take a good picture of your newborn, you are filled with inexplicable joy. It’s not only the parents who enjoy clicking their baby’s photos, but there has been a growing market for the professional baby photographers who know all the nuances of baby photography.

The surroundings should also be set in the way that the baby is very happy. Keep the temperature of the room warm and comfortable. Ensure that the baby is well fed and don’t try too many poses with him.



Newborn photography has a lot of intimacy attached to it as parents cherish those photos throughout their lives and these photos remain close to their heart during their lifetime. They have to be perfect as even the slightest of error can cause lifelong regrets. So before you start with the process, keep in mind that you create the right atmosphere for the baby to be clicked and also her mother must also be happy and comfortable.

Red Eye Removal

The light of the camera flash causes an impact on the eyes of the baby and gives him a rather ridiculous look. We now get smart photo shop elements and can easily recognize where the red eye starts and where it ends. Red eye is a problem which surfaces in both the eyes and you get to remove the red eye twice.
The sharp angle on the photograph can give it a very weird look and then the simple thing is to rotate the photo and straighten it. The image rotation is simple and easy.

Also the background has a very sharp impact and it can destroy the whole photograph. This is a problem that is very common during the summers and it gives the photo a very shadowy effect. The sunlight also irritates the baby and he makes faces because of which it becomes troublesome to capture the real face of the baby.

The contrast enhancement and curves adjustment are also elements which improves the photo quality to a great extent. To fix the background light tone and fill in the light where the background seems to be dark, getting the right contrast is so very important. Once you are done with contrast setting get the mid tone level right and subsequently take a quick glance to see whether the light background is perfect for the photograph or not.

Curves adjustment is also a brilliant way to fix the photograph and that way the color and brightness of the whole photograph can be altered to your choice. The technique is very basic and thereby the opacity of the photograph can be brought to the correct level.

So always opt for Photoshop actions when you had clicked the photos of your newborn. The easy and well guided can have a serious effect on your photograph. Your baby will look much more cute and adorable once you have made the right changes. Also you can undo the whole actions if these doesn’t suit the photograph.