This is the third baby girl I’ve photographed for this family, and they never disappoint! ALWAYS full cheeks and heads full of hair, don’t mind if I do.  I love my baldies as well, but hair is a special treat!


I love incorporating natural elements into my photos, so if you have a favorite botanical you’d like to use, either bring it, or let me know! There’s a flower shop down the street from my studio and it’s really easy to pick up a few stems on the way 🙂



… dever fam…

The timing of this post isn’t exactly right, considering it’s the absolute dead of winter and I only shoot family sessions from May-October, BUT; I just didn’t want to forget to share this session.  I’ve wanted to shoot at this location for quite some time and knew that my friend and favorite client Lindsay’s family would be the perfect adventurous type to fit!  We knew that heading to the Oregon coast for photos means you have to be ok with the darker, moodier feel… But considering as I’ve shot plenty of sun-drenched family images for her in years past, it was a great change of pace to keep things fresh.  We chose a day where the tide was low later in the day (something we forget about some locations on the coast, they are inaccessible during high tides) and went for it.


I’d be lying if I said the session was easy… The rocks are slippery and the wind is not the warmest.  That being said, I love these images and would prefer this style for my own family.  Now that I know the ropes of this location I’m dying to try out more.  Would love to come back here for engagement or couples session in particular.


These sessions fill up really quickly, usually with families who I have photographed babies for in years past. I photographed both these little ones as newborns as well! So inquire early for summer sessions – there’s lots of Pacific Northwest we can explore 🙂


The session itself is like the location- gritty + raw + emotional- I couldn’t love it more <3




No words for this beautiful girl.

She was a dream model for my Birdseye workshop earlier this year.

Finding quality learning materials and distinguishing between teachers is hard for those who area wanting to hone their craft. Whether you are just starting out and want to get a feel for the ropes, or wanting really detailed information on lighting, posing, angles and styling, these workshops are well rounded and you are able to ask questions in real time, as well as after the workshop in the private facebook group.  I go over editing as well, but as I tell people time and time again, the secret to creamy, natural skin tones is not editing but lighting!  I try to infuse tips and tricks in terms of “what I’m looking for” as I’m shooting, and I more or less talk the entire time… They are really fun!


The January Birdseye class sold out because of my Black Friday sale this year, so we added another to the shop for February!



While I love and enjoy all kinds of newborn photography, my absolute favorite images are ‘unposed’ shots where baby is super relaxed and natural looking. These images are almost always done on white/nude backdrops, but I am having fun lately adding high contrast ‘on black’ images as well. I will post some in a blog soon! I find them the most artistically satisfying because I’m focused on the lighting, composition and classic elements of every photo instead of the extra stuff.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it all… but I love these the most <3 I’m more than happy to supply sessions composed almost entirely of this style, just ask!





This is the 4th boy for this family and every time I see their names on my calendar I know I’m in for a huge dose of chubby, drooly, gerber-baby-esque smiles <3


Dylan, 7 months! Before crawling and when they’re comfortably (read: not falling over backward) is the best time for these photos 🙂 Contact me at hello@erintolephotography.com right when baby starts attempting to sit to ensure space in my schedule.


Enjoy <3