Australia Newborn Model Prep

model info. 

thank you so much for your interest in allowing your new baby to model for a mentoring session!

we’re Erin and Rachel.  🙂

both of us teach people from all over the world our methods for photographing babies. this year, we’re traveling to Dallas, Texas for a mentoring workshop with various photographers.

more about Rachel here: About Rachel
more about Erin here: About Erin

for your participation, you will get an edited gallery of photos via digital download, 2-4 weeks after your session date, much like our paying clients get. the files are yours to keep and print wherever you choose. there is absolutely no obligation to purchase anything. *you* are doing us the favor, by sharing a beautiful model for us to practice on! we will be doing all of the baby handling, and have many years of doing this under our belts, so your babe is in good hands, we promise.

no matter who you are, we can honestly say that we’re *so* looking forward to your session, because we are excited to meet new little clients and their families before each session.

this prep info is basically the same thing we send our clients… both of us want you to get the most out of your baby’s session, and that means following directions!

please read this thoroughly, it’s in your best interests, we promise! 


time: *you will have one of two time slots, 9am or 12pm. We will let you know which time your session is.

you can expect to be here for about 3 hours. the room is very, very warm, so dress accordingly.

the most important thing on this page: We’re going to ask you to keep your baby awake for at least two hours before your session. we know that this doesn’t sound easy for many babes. in fact, it may sound like downright torture. however, this is the single most important thing you can do to ensure a successful session. even babies who ‘sleep all the time’ still need this extra wakeful period to sleep soundly through their session. we will be touching them constantly and moving them around, so it takes a little extra magic to make it happen, and the wakeful period IS that magic.

our tips for keeping baby awake prior to session:

  • bath time! babies are exhausted by bathing, even sponge baths.
  • no pacifiers!
  • walking, talking, stimulation
  • tummy time and other “floor exercise”
  • if you have a long drive to make, a cool washcloth on the cheek or other pestering works well in the car… we don’t want to use up our sleepy time up en route!
  • no feeding in this time frame! if baby isn’t motivated to eat when you arrive here because they’ve been snacking, they likely won’t sleep soundly.
  • arrive at studio
  • feed!
  • we want baby to arrive ready to have a nice full feed. after you get here, we’ll strip baby down in the nice warm room and have a serious meal. whether this is by breast or bottle does not matter one bit, just be sure that there’s plenty of it.  if your shoot is scheduled before you feel you’ve got a good handle on breastfeeding, some pumped milk or supplemental formula can help immensely. it’s essential that your baby be getting a full tummy.
  • you’ll be asked to feed as many times as necessary to keep baby content, just like you would at home! newborn sessions contain lots of breaks for eating and cleaning up the inevitable potty messes that sometimes happen.


stuff: the studio contains a ridiculous amount of goodies for your session. we’re talking tons of hats, headbands, props, etc, so don’t stress about bringing or buying anything for your time here.  we do all of the styling of the session while you relax and enjoy it!

please DO bring:

  • a soothie pacifier – the kind they use at the hospital
  • the usual leaving-the-house with baby stuff, a receiving blanket, some extra diapers.

what to wear: *you may or may not asked to pose with your little one

  • for moms, a neutral colored tank top is best.  think beige, ivory, camel.  you will only be photographed from the most flattering angles, so don’t worry about that part! if you have brightly colored nail polish on, it can be distracting so removed or very neutral is great.  I may have a d
  • dads: shirtless, or a plain black v-neck tee.



  • unless we’ve specifically discussed photos with big brothers and sisters, please come with *just* your new bundle.


If you are in the Melbourne (19th) workshop, here’s the address:
22 Daly Close, Sunbury
Victoria, Australia

Adelaide (21st & 22nd) workshop address:
3 Coral Ave.
Semaphore Park SA 5019

Brisbane (24th & 25th) workshop address:
152 Parklands Cct, Rochedale Queensland 4123

Newcastle (April 7th) workshop address:
28 Woodlands Ave.
New Lambton Newcastle, Australia