Newborn photography is unlike any other type of photography. With adults and children, you can tell them how you’d like them to pose, and they rarely cry about it. With landscape photography, everything is set up for you in advance by Mother Nature. With still lifes, the only limiting factor is the bounds of your imagination.

Newborn photography encompasses all of these other forms of photography and brings new challenges to each. With a newborn, you need to be extra aware of safety concerns as you pose the baby yourself, soothing baby when necessary. You need to find ideal landscapes or backdrops that will complement the beauty and purity of your newborn subject. And you also need to have the creativity and confidence to match unique poses and settings with the right clothing, accessories, and vessels to express your personal style as a photographer. And you have to do all that while giving your clients what they want.

No photographer can learn all of these skills on their own. Tutorials, classes, and online workshops are all good ways to help improve your knowledge of photography in general as well as newborn photography. But the best way to gain the skills and practical knowledge that you will need to be the best photographer you can be is to seek out the mentorship of a more experienced photographer.

Newborn Photography Mentoring is Great for Hobbyists and Professionals

Newborn photography mentoring allows hobbyists and professional photographers alike the opportunity to learn directly from an experienced newborn photographer. Through newborn mentoring, you can increase your knowledge and understanding of everything from the business of newborn photography to how to effectively pose babies to editing your photographs in Photoshop once the shoot is done. If you’re serious about your career as a newborn photographer, look for a newborn mentoring photography workshop with the following features:

In person, hands-on mentoring – By attending a newborn photography class in which you get to work directly with an experienced photographer, taking pictures of actual newborns and getting direct feedback along the way, you’ll learn vastly more than you would through an online class. As an added benefit, you’ll be left with photographs to add to your portfolio at the end of the workshop. Having a professional in the room with you while you learn will allow you to improve your technique and form through immediate feedback and encouragement.

Small classes – A newborn mentoring experience that allows you to work closely with the instructor will give you the best bang for your buck. In a small class setting, you’ll be able to have more of your questions answered and have the opportunity to learn about the subjects that are most interesting to you.

An experienced instructor – The best newborn photographer in the world might take amazing pictures but still not know anything about how to teach other photographers how to do the same. Make sure that the instructor you choose to work with is well reviewed in addition to having a portfolio that you admire.

If you’re interested in taking a newborn mentoring workshop, contact Erin Tole to learn more about her upcoming sessions. By working with Erin, you’ll have access to a highly respected photographer in a class of no more than five people. You have the opportunity to watch Erin work and to photograph a newborn on your own in a studio setting. Learn more about the business and art of newborn photography by signing up for sessions with Erin today.