This little guy is my cousin’s baby! I knew he was being deployed shortly after his birth, so they flew me out to Oklahoma and I borrowed another phtoographer’s studio and props so that I could meet his tiny (BLONDE!) son and snuggle and photography him before he left.

So, without further ado, meet Charlie!

…sam + jo…

Double the cute and double the work!

This family was a pleasure and these girls were so well behaved for me. Often, one twin will settle while the other has a wakeful period, but it just so happened Sam and Jo had a *lot* of sleepy overlap, and as a result their images are mostly together, which I really love.

It’s sessions like these when I am SO thankful to have an assistant (like all newborn sessions.) Mel is there to be my extra set of hands, keep parents comfortable while I’m working, and make sure that babies are *always* spotted and safe…

New parents don’t need to be squatting on the ground, spotting their babies to make sure they don’t fall out of props during their photo sessions, so I really encourage people who are shopping around to ask if your photographer has a designated spotter- safety is so important for these sessions!

…birth of fox…

PSA: birth images below.  if you’re the kind to be bothered, try another post 😉

While birth photography is a little more controversial than other types, it’s also one of my favorite things to photograph; I feel really lucky to live in a part of the world where it is commonplace to document these moments.

There’s something really wonderful about being part of the energy of a home birth, but it’s even better when I’ve photographed another baby from this family (the little girl who is really into her new brother in these photos) born in this same room! It was the best kind of deja vu 🙂


Also, can’t say enough good things about Glow Midwifery 

I’ve attended multiple births with members of their team and they are always amazing… Births are all about energy and theirs is pretty fantastic!



Say hello to Fox.






…richards family…

This shoot is at one of my favorite summer locations. This session was the first time I met this family and I could not have been happier to get to know them a little.  Boy, did they nail the wardrobe as well! It’s normal and expected that we have some discussions about the feel you’re going for with your images, but this mama needed no guidance dressing everyone beautifully.

I think sometimes families with young kids hesitate to book family portraits, especially high end ones, for a variety of reasons.  They think that their kids won’t behave, that they are at difficult ages (what age isn’t, am I right? ha), that they won’t look at the camera or that the timing of summer shoots is too hard (evening) or that the whole thing sounds too stressful.  Maybe you don’t like how you look in photos right now, you gained 10lbs, or 100, or you think maybe NEXT summer you will have things more together, and you’ll do it then.  We have this idea of what family photos were like when we were kids, or maybe your in laws did some years ago and you’re still traumatized from being dressed like a matching softball team.

Let me tell you something.

Your kids don’t care.

They don’t have to look at the camera and smile in every photo, far from it. My favorite images, both from this session and all sessions are the ones drenched in emotion.  The big hugs and too-forceful preschool kisses, the running through fields and the “give your sibling a hug” shots where someone ends up screaming.

Twenty years from now they won’t care if you could fit in your wedding garb.  But they will remember how much they were loved, your smile, the feel of being carried on your shoulders, or swung from your arms.  And twenty years from now, when these photos mean the most, I’m pretty sure you won’t remember either <3


… abigail…

One of those sweet babes with skin like ivory and the sweetest little features <3