I don’t know if I’ve ever blogged a black and white session before… This family of course has all of their images in color as well (and this is an unusually bright and colorful session for me!) but when I converted them to black and whites for their gallery, I sort of fell in love <3  Thought I’d share since I’m overdue in that department here.  This little dude had the most beautiful, luminous skin.  To check out some of the images in color, check him out on my Facebook Page this coming week!




I hesitated to blog this session because it involves a dear friend of mine…which means we sort of went all out <3

The first of these images is taken when Riley was 2 days old (the outdoor image of her in the tree stump) the indoor stuff was at 4 days, and the yellow outdoor image right below was at 10 days, I think?

I’m excited to see these images on Courtney’s walls 🙂