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Faren - Gorgeous Erin!

Leah cook - oh my heavens, you are AMAZING!!!!!!! WOW. and that baby is so squishy and wonderful.

Michelle - This makes me want to kiss and hug him. Oh my goodness he is adorable. I want 100 more babies :) My little Ezra had hairy ears just like that. Great pics!

Ellen - OMG! The fuzzy ear just gets me. Love it!

sara - just when i think it’s not possible for you to be even more awesome than you already are, you outdo yourself once again! i can’t even pick a favorite. they are ALL gorgeous. you completely rock, erin tole.

Lisa - So so lovely! Those fuzzy little ears – my son had ears like that when he was tiny and I miss that! What a beautiful record of those little details :)

courtney jade - Beautiful!! Ahhh they are all so lovely, Erin!! You do such a great job, and I’m in love with those cheeks!! :) 4th down black and white is one of my faves!

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