…: Welcome, sweet Violet :… Vancouver WA, birth photographer

There’s so much to say about this family.

How wonderful, warm, and FUNNY they both are.  Basically acquaintances, I really got to “know” Jen and Rocky while sitting in the pre-op triage room the morning they chose to let me photograph the birth of their second and last little one, Violet.

I feel blessed to have been there (as I always do) but even more blessed to get to know this family better and watch their babies grow.

I see a lot of kids meet their siblings for the first time…often times to mixed reviews;)

Big brother Cole was a little weirded out by mom being in that large funky hospital bed for about 45 seconds.

And then he realized what it was she was holding.

I had to choke back tears as I watched him not-so-carefully unwrap baby Violet and examine her like  the priceless gift that she is. You could see the mesmerized look on his face grow as he studied her tiny hands and soft hair; I think I could have watched it 100 times and I’d still be deeply moved every time.



  • Lisa - The photos of big brother and baby sister are just too much – I’m choking back tears and I don’t even know this family. Amazing work Erin!ReplyCancel

  • Nike - Dammit Erin, these made me cry. So freaking precious.ReplyCancel

  • Elizabeth - these are beautiful, Erin! so touching! and you are right about the little boy’s interactions with his sister being beyond precious!ReplyCancel

  • Beth P - Gorgeous. Emotional. Sweet. I’m in tears, this is gorgeous work. What a beautiful family! Congratulations to them!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda - Erin, I am in awe. Beautiful moments, GORGEOUS photos!ReplyCancel

  • Amory - that shot through the window.
    almost can’t handle it!

    I wish you lived closer to me!!ReplyCancel

  • Carolyn - I love the emotion you captured in these photos, great job.ReplyCancel

  • Thea Kanjanasatitya - These pictures made my heart melt. Jen is my best friend and you made this so special for them and all of us!! Thank you so much. I cant stop looking at these!!ReplyCancel

  • Celeste - Wow, those are amazing! The last 3 made me cry, especially the 3rd to last one. Wow, just beautiful. (I’m from CM’s)ReplyCancel

  • Jaci Vance - These are awesome!! Living so far away we weren’t able to be there in person but through your art I feel as if we had front row seats. An amazing gift for the Alexander family: Jen, Rocky, Cole and newest arrival Violet!!ReplyCancel

  • Amii - I love these moments that you have captured! Such a beautiful story told and they will always have these amazing pictures to go along with! And oh my gosh, LOVE the brother squishing his face against baby sisters!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica - These images are such an amazing gift to this family. They will remember what this day FELT like for years. Bravo!ReplyCancel

  • Faren - Erin these are beautiful! I love the window shot!ReplyCancel

  • Meg Sexton - So incredibly sweet. Wonderful work.ReplyCancel

  • sara - wow. just wow. i am pretty certain that these are the most amazing birth photos i’ve ever seen! they are so intense and so real. i absolutely love these. and i love the fact that you kept them in color….the processing is perfect.ReplyCancel

  • rachael - amazing! you did a great job i love birth photography.ReplyCancel

  • Ilona - Those are so cool!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Deane - Beautiful! what wonderful moments you captured!ReplyCancel

  • Audrey - erin…are you kidding me?!?!?! these are AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa (Tout Petit Pixel) - Oooooh Erine it gave me goosebumps!!! Amazing moments captured!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer - Beyond precious, such beautiful captures of am amazing moment in time! Love your processing on them!ReplyCancel

  • Nance Heidemann - Wow! These are awesome! This mom is sooo lucky!!!ReplyCancel

  • Jenna - wow. you did amazing!! What a treasure for this mom.ReplyCancel

  • Cija Cooksey - you are wonderful story teller.ReplyCancel

  • Laura - These are just so beautiful I can’t stop looking at them, easily my favorite birth images yet. What an amazing gift for this family!ReplyCancel

  • Kim Kravitz - Love the story about her big brother lol Too cute! And your story telling shots are just pure awesomeness! Great set of images!!ReplyCancel

  • Cara Walen - Erin, these are stunning! The older brother shots are breathtaking!ReplyCancel

  • Hélène - This is amazing and just too cute. So emotional. <3ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - Yep, these are amazing! You did a fantastic job bringing the viewer into this moment. Awesome work!ReplyCancel

  • kim - i started to tear up when i saw big brother meeting his baby for the 1st time. what super moments to hold dear forever.ReplyCancel

  • Leah - these are simply perfect, erin! and such a beautiful baby! <3ReplyCancel

  • Lacey - These are so real that I feel like I was there. I love how you captured this birth – what a gift you have and have given to this family!ReplyCancel

  • Suzanne - These are the beautiful images- you captured exactly all the moments you would want to remember forever.ReplyCancel

  • stephanie - These are incredible. You did an amazing job capturing all the details. Love your processing on these as well. KUDOS!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Leah - these are absolutely beautiful, Erin. the feel and processing is amazing. makes me want to shoot some births!!ReplyCancel

  • kristen - Wow, so much emotion in this post. Captured beautifully.ReplyCancel

  • Jen - So beautiful! I wish I had photo’s like this for my kids.ReplyCancel

  • kelly garvey - very creative captures :) these will be so special to them forever!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - These are so gorgeous!!! Such an amazing story to have captured forever. I love birth photos!ReplyCancel

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