…: Welcome, sweet Violet :… Vancouver WA, birth photographer

There’s so much to say about this family.

How wonderful, warm, and FUNNY they both are.  Basically acquaintances, I really got to “know” Jen and Rocky while sitting in the pre-op triage room the morning they chose to let me photograph the birth of their second and last little one, Violet.

I feel blessed to have been there (as I always do) but even more blessed to get to know this family better and watch their babies grow.

I see a lot of kids meet their siblings for the first time…often times to mixed reviews 😉

Big brother Cole was a little weirded out by mom being in that large funky hospital bed for about 45 seconds.

And then he realized what it was she was holding.

I had to choke back tears as I watched him not-so-carefully unwrap baby Violet and examine her like  the priceless gift that she is. You could see the mesmerized look on his face grow as he studied her tiny hands and soft hair; I think I could have watched it 100 times and I’d still be deeply moved every time.